From cash to HVAC financing, Landes Heating and Air Conditioning has payment options that work for you.

Landes accepts a variety of payment types. We accept cash and checks for all types of work. For service, we also accept credit cards. To keep your costs low, we do not accept credit cards for contracted work. However, we have partnered with Farmers and Merchants Bank (F & M Bank) here in the Shenandoah Valley to offer you greater flexibility with local HVAC financing.

F & M Bank offers you a local advantage in lower rates and fees.

Local banks are able to work with you on a personal, case-by-case basis to offer cost-saving financial options with greater flexibility in terms and fees than manufacturers and big banks. F & M Bank has a team dedicated to Landes customers who are ready to find the right financing solution for you. F & M Bank associates Donna Brown, Chris Gunter, and Mary Campbell can meet you at your local F & M Bank branch for easy processing. Contact Donna Brown today to discuss your options.

Donna Brown

Landes Heating and Air Conditioning and F & M Bank are two long-term Valley institutions coming together to offer you excellent local service.

Landes Heating and Air Conditioning has been crafting comfort in the Valley since 1948. Our long-standing commitment to serve our local community is an ideal match to F & M Bank’s local roots and proven track record of excellent service to Virginians. Serving the Valley since the first branch opened in Timberville in 1908, F & M Bank’s community-centered banking approach aligns with the Landes mission to provide excellent customer service and a variety of HVAC options. We proudly partner with F & M Bank to offer you local HVAC financing options, continuing a history of Valley pride.

Get started today on your HVAC financing.

F & M Bank helps us meet our goals of keeping HVAC prices low and giving our customers better options. You can contact the bank first to see if there is an option right for you before you contract with Landes. Go local for financing that fits your life and keeps your costs low.

Contact Donna Brown at F & M Bank for your HVAC Financing options today!